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Dieline Design Dieline Design Dieline Design

Dieline Design

Dieline is a 2D template in vector format that indicates accurate dimension, folding panels, bleeding, glue area, glue assistance etc. Dieline serves as a guide for your artwork design. Box Captain offers Dieline design service for not only the pre-defined box style (find them in folding carton or corrugated carton categories) but also custom structure that is built from sketch. You can request your dieline file either by referring to one of our pre-defined box style SKU # or select "custom box style" in the box style dropdown.

After you submit your order, you should be able to receive the dieline file in vector PDF format (download sample) by E-mail within 3 business days.

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Details currently offers close to 100+ box style for you to choose from, by considering:

  • Weight capacity
  • Window display or not
  • Product filling method – Hand load or automated filling
  • Water resistance function
  • Freeze kept or not

You should be able to choose one style out of box captain’s suggested style, input the SKU number at this page, dimension of the box and choose your preferred board. You should receive the pdf format dieline within 3 business days.


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How It Works

Step 1: Choose Box Style

For every box packaging project, it starts with choosing the right box style that best fits your product and business needs. Box Captain has over 100 pre-defined box styles that covered most needs for box packaging. When it comes to choosing the right "box", you may consider these factors: product design, shape, weight, filling method etc. If you need help choosing box style, chat with product specialist or call 1-888-255-9359.

Step 2: Get A Quote Instantly!

Never wait for quote reply again! On any of our individual product page, you can get a quote instantly by filling product specifications: dimension, printing, card board, coating etc. You will be able to compare unit and total prices by choosing different quantities and options. If you have a custom project not covered by our site, you can also get a custom quote here.

Step 3: Dieline Design

Before you start working on your artwork, you need a dieline file as a guide. Dieline is 2D blueprint indicates all folding panels, accurate dimension, bleeding, glue area etc. By placing any production order, you will get FREE dieline design and mock-up (a fully-functional physical prototype) to test run your box packaging without risking the whole order. You can also request them separately by clicking the buttons below.

Step 4: Artwork Design

After receiving your accurate dieline, you can now use it as a guide to precisely place your artwork. However, packaging design takes not only creative graphic but also knowledge of printed packaging. Check out the artwork design guide if you want to design artwork by yourself. You can also order our artwork design service done by our experienced designers. If you need a fully working prototype, our printed mock-up is a highly versatile service worth a try.

Step 5: Place Production Order

Here we come a long way to the final step. After price, dieline, mock-up, and artwork are confirmed, you will feel very confident about your box packaging. Now you can go ahead to place order in the box style category.